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In the British media, the name of Danae Stratou, a Greek citizen and wife of politician Yanis Varoufakis, was strongly rumored as the direct inspiration for the song, as she may have been known to Cocker since she did live in the UK for a time, was of Greek nationality and studied at Saint Martins.[4][5] The song is Pulp’s most popular single and became an instant classic in the UK charts immediately after its release.
The song is Pulp’s most popular single and instantly became a classic in the UK charts just after its release. The video, featuring an appearance by then little-known actress Sadie Frost, contains a routine impromptu dance routine by Cocker on the day of the shoot and an homage to the Eleanor Rigby sequence in Yellow Submarine.
On his 2005 album, Has Been, Star Trek actor William Shatner did a cover of the song. The track was produced by Ben Folds and features additional vocals by Joe Jackson, complementing Shatner’s narrative style.

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FILE – In this Oct. 1, 2021 photo, a 3D replica of Michelangelo’s David is displayed at the Thalia pavilion during Expo 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)
Nudity even clashes with the mores of the modern era. Controversy erupted in 2016 when officials erected wooden panels to protect nude statues in Rome’s Capitoline Museums during a visit by Iran’s then-President Hassan Rouhani. That prompted some politicians to accuse the government of giving in to “cultural submission,” although Rouhani himself thanked the Italians for being “very hospitable people” when asked about the gesture.In the United Arab Emirates, some nude artworks can be seen at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, although the museum largely features more conservative pieces.Expo visitor Calli Schmitz, from Germany, said she didn’t think the way the replica was displayed at Expo did it much justice.

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Developing video games can be an exciting job for those who are fans of the medium and those who grew up with a console. And with practically free tools to start with, such as the new and powerful Unreal 5 graphics engine, it seems that all it takes is a good idea, will and work to get to a good end.
However, perhaps something more is needed, and who better to tell it than the minds behind Hyperbeard Games, a Mexican studio that went from having two employees and one game published in 2014 to more than thirty workers and just over a dozen video games with millions of downloads. How did they do it? Here are the keys to their success.
As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated from September 15 to October 15 and celebrates the contributions of people of Hispanic origin in the United States, we present this interview with Aldo Turati, chief operating officer, and Juan García “Master”, social media lead of Hyperbeard Games, one of the most successful video game development studios in Mexico and Latin America.

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The coordinator of the PAN legislators, Mario Vázquez Robles, announced that the majority parliamentary fraction in the State Congress is ready to present to the other political forces the legislative work agenda and in coordination work on the priority axes for the legislature.
The strategy establishes six areas of specialization, in which the city of Chihuahua should be oriented: Electromobility, Smart Industry, Agribusiness and Advanced Food, Habitat and Quality of Life, Transformative Culture and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem….
He highlighted examples such as Guerrero, where the head of the Superior Audit Office was appointed auditors three times who were personally audited; in another entity, the state audit office disappeared because the head refused to resign, and one of them was sent to jail.