Move up to Transition as of Thursday, April 15, at 5:00 a.m., in the Antofagasta region, the commune of Tal Tal; in Atacama, the commune of Huasco; in O’Higgins, the commune of Navidad; in Maule, the commune of Pelluhue; in Biobío, the commune of Lebu; and in Los Lagos, the commune of Quinchao.
In the Atacama Region, the commune of Caldera; in the Valparaíso Region, the communes of San Esteban; in O’Higgins, the commune of La Estrella; in Maule, the commune of Sagrada Familia; and in Los Lagos, the commune of Los Muermos.
The head of the portfolio reminded that «we must not lower our arms, we must maintain our care because although we are vaccinated we must prevent, maintain responsibility and continue using the mask, washing our hands and keeping a physical distance».

What is the leep cone procedure?

We can have a lot of everything, but we may be ruining our own lives. We want to feel differently but without giving up how we are in that fictitious comfort zone. We want to have everything, but without giving up anything. We want to feel good about ourselves, to enjoy that feeling of happiness that we may see in others, but without changing anything. To be thinner without giving up eating and drinking, to have money without giving up consuming and wasting, to have better relationships without dedicating time to them, to live peacefully without giving up our daily hustle and bustle. Are we asking for too much without giving up anything?
Reading a verse, chatting with a new person and getting to know him or her, laughing at what you think is a problem or at the moment, stopping for a moment in the middle of the street and contemplating people, being grateful for your existence, saying no to that heavy, walking in the countryside, enjoying a glass of wine among friends.

Envidioso – jose reyes, secreto el famoso biberon, el mayor

When only a decade ago feminism was talked about in the media, the probability that the interviewee would be Lidia Falcón was very, very, high. Today, when feminism has become one of the key issues to understand our times and the internal debates of the movement permeate all strata of society, a documentary on feminism must necessarily include a much wider range of voices.
RM: We continue to be killed, we continue to be harassed in the streets, we continue to be paid less. It seems that, as Haizea Álvarez says in our documentary, women are still second-class citizens. And many of us have said enough is enough. It is true that feminism has more than two centuries of history, what is happening now has not arisen suddenly, but young women now have a technology that women of other generations did not have: social networks. That allows us to be connected and to share and spread the feminist message.
MJ: Women are not a collective, we are half of humanity and therefore it is logical that we think differently on some issues. The debate on prostitution is especially complex and there are very conflicting positions, perhaps because unlike surrogacy, which is something very new, we have been living with prostitution since the beginning of time.

Hook r – we are young #streetsofgraffiti

Tired of this kind of behavior in the middle of a terrible pandemic, he shows his tiredness and anger in some messages that not only carry text, but photographs that he has been taking during this health crisis, which are a real blow. For those who want to see it, there is the suffering of the patients and the effort of the health workers. Neither one nor the other will be erased because the legislative framework is changed, and that is why the «spectacle» of the weekend is not justified.
Knowing truly dangerous environments, he can compare. That is why he writes: «Would anyone think of going out on the streets to celebrate if bombs fell on their heads?». The pandemic is no small risk, he insists, although some seem to forget that.
«Spreading the virus is extremely easy. The weekend orgy will cost tens of thousands of contagions within two weeks. A new wave could jeopardize the entire summer season. Let’s continue to play and fill the morgues with victims,» he writes at last, in a closing tweet in which, directly, we see death.