Simon & garfunkel – el único niño vivo en nueva york (audio)

El único chico vivo en Nueva York es una película dramática estadounidense de 2017 dirigida por Marc Webb y escrita por Allan Loeb. La película está protagonizada por Callum Turner, Kate Beckinsale, Pierce Brosnan, Cynthia Nixon, Kiersey Clemons y Jeff Bridges. La película fue estrenada el 11 de agosto de 2017 por Roadside Attractions y Amazon Studios, recibiendo críticas generalmente negativas.
Thomas Webb es un universitario que acaba de abandonar la universidad y que todavía está intentando averiguar qué quiere hacer con su vida. Tiene un enamoramiento unilateral de su amiga, Mimi. Conoce a un nuevo vecino, W.F., con el que conecta. Cuando Thomas pasa tiempo con W.F., recibe consejos sobre la vida.
Cuando Thomas y Mimi socializan en un bar, Thomas ve a su padre editor, Ethan, besando a una mujer, Johanna. Temiendo que la aventura perjudique a su mentalmente inestable madre, Judith, Thomas comienza a seguir a Johanna. Se enfrenta a ella y se sorprende al saber que le conoce. Ella le revela que es una editora que trabaja con su padre y reconoce a Thomas por las fotos de la oficina de Ethan. Él le ruega que deje en paz a su padre casado. Johanna le dice a Thomas que sigue siendo un niño que no sabe nada y que, de hecho, también quiere acostarse con ella. Él repite la confrontación con W.F. y luego admite a regañadientes que sí quiere acostarse con ella.

“nothing has been the same since new york” – iron man 3

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Farewell, my son – spanish trailer ve

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Sole survivor of the afghan hell – cinema

6On his return to Paris, Gardel wanted to say goodbye to his old friend Manuel Pizarro, who had just opened another cabaret (where he worked until the war temporarily took him away from Paris) which was called, with a certain logic, Chez Pizarro. Mrs. Wakefield, for her part, offered the singer a sumptuous farewell dinner in a private room of the Café de Paris. Several friends of the lady were there along with the group of Argentines. Caviar, exquisite delicacies, bottles of the best champagne… Gardel sang some songs in French; there was dancing; toasts were made repeatedly for his imminent success (yes, everybody was sure he would be successful) in the United States.4
Buenos Aires, la Reina del Plata,Buenos Aires, mi tierra querida,escuchá mi canción,que con ella va mi vida.en mis horas de fiebre y orgía,ya harto ya de placer y locura,en ti pienso, patria mía,para calmar mi amargura.
17 However, in the absence of the film contracts he had bet on, what else could New York offer him? By mid-February Gardel was thinking of retiring. A new idea was taking shape in his mind: a tour of some of those Spanish-American countries where Joinville’s films had made him so popular. South American businessmen were urging him to do it. Why not? In a letter to Defino he suggested that in July he would start “the Havana, Mexico tour”.16 He was about to call his guitarists in Buenos Aires. Defino had the impression that this plan was definite. On March 16 he wrote that the “most interesting matter at the moment is…your decision to leave the radio and do the tour”.