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That translates into a different tone, not so much to emphasize the possibility that it is the first love of both as that what arises between them is of the most particular. First because of the circumstances in which it happens, and then turning towards an approach more typical of a teen comedy, trusting that the charm of its two protagonists is enough for one to forget that its powerful premise was for much more than, at times, a curious feature that distinguishes it but without really exploring it.
Fortunately, Allen and Newton are very inspired in their respective characters, managing to convey that luminosity that the film tries to convey on all levels and also complementing each other perfectly. It is true that there is no lack of drama, very focused on a subplot about what better before watching it is not to know anything, but even then an optimistic perspective on the need to face things and move on is sought, walking then a fine line of credibility that in other occasions could have sunk the film.

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Besides being a theme quite appreciated by the producers of films and series, almost always joins together with another setting such as fiction, action or may even be the time loops.
This time we will talk about this new production that comes to Amazon, or rather to the streaming platform of this company in which you will be able to enjoy this beautiful film that today we want to tell you the details.
Romantic comedies usually focus on that, to bring romance and get some laughs to the audience but there is much more beyond this, it is very rare that plot resources such as time travel are used.
Amazon brings the exclusive for February 12 and it is not an eccentric proposal, or it does not seem to be, it is also a short story adapted for television, which comes from the hand of Lev Grossman who in this case is responsible for writing the script for this Amazon production.
This film by Ian Samuels is reminiscent of «Before Sunrise», a kind of tenuous connection to see characters played by Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton who resembled the couple of Jesse and Céline.

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The smell in the air when it rains, the puddles, how the water evaporates, the stones, finding shapes, seeing the clouds, kicking a stone and seeing that it can suddenly go to the left or to the right, seeing also those arbitrariness of life. The lemony taste of clover, finding a tiny bug walking along the petal of a flower, the smell of wet earth, a random ant carrying a leaf. When it rains and hail falls, ice hits the window glass and it is magical to find patterns in the sounds. Why? because it is.

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But don’t worry, I didn’t come here to talk about her. Or not at all. Nor am I trying to deny reality or stick my head in the ground like an ostrich. Just… to propose a breather. And a book, a series or, in the case of this blog post, a movie, sometimes give us that break for a couple of hours.
That’s why what Mark and Margart do is so important. On second thought, it’s a bit of what we talked about in the gratitude lists post: looking for the everyday details that are worthwhile, the ones that help us «pull the cart» and keep going, the ones that brighten our lives. Leaving aside that you stop to write that list, the important thing is that you look at them, that you stop to enjoy them, that you stop for a few seconds at that exact moment.
Because, mind you, it’s not all unicorns, glitter and lollipops, nor is the idea to transmit a toxic positivism. One of the subplots (necessary to explain the behavior of the characters) is of a dramatic nature, and brings us back, at a stroke, to reality. The reality of injustice, sadness, diseases, conflicts, inequality. But, as I was saying, it is approached from an optimistic perspective and tries to send a pretty cool and necessary message: the importance of accepting things, facing them, and