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La Caza: Monteperdido, El Ministerio del Tiempo, Néboa, La otra mirada and Isabel are the fictions purchased by this platform, which has the largest catalog in Russia, as reported by the corporation in a note. They will soon swell the catalog of this OTT, continuing with the international expansion already undertaken by several of these titles (The Ministry…, without going any further, enjoyed a Portuguese adaptation in 2017).
IVI (ivi.ru) has more than 65,000 titles of movies, series, TV shows, cartoons and music videos. It has agreements with the world’s largest media groups, including Disney, Warner Bros., NBCUniversal, P

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Thanks to an agreement with Netflix, the third season had a larger budget than previous seasons, allowing for more on-location shooting[7] and several production improvements. In exchange, Netflix was able to distribute the first two seasons to all its subscribers in 190 countries as of 2017 and the third season as soon as RTVE broadcast it on La 1, but RTVE lost the rights to keep all episodes of the third season published on Alacarta, its online service.[8]
The departure of Javier Olivares from the production company Cliffhanger and his subsequent incorporation to Globomedia to develop exclusive fiction projects with them,[9] meant that the fourth season of the series became co-produced by that production company in collaboration with Onza Partners.[10] In February 2020, after the expiration of the contract with Netflix, the episodes were no longer available on that platform. However, in March, in view of the imminent premiere of the fourth season, RTVE published again on Alacarta all the chapters of the series. All the episodes are also available on HBO since April 2020 and offered those of the fourth season a day after its broadcast by TVE.[11]

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When asked about them, Javier Garcia, the deputy director of Fiction of the Corporation was very clear. “We have no imminent project but we would like to return at a given time,” he assured. “We talk about them as a background of closet.  We are not going to do a season in a row (of Estoy vivo), but we always have them in mind,” he continued.
But there was also time to talk about the upcoming fiction projects that will arrive soon to TVE such as ‘Parot’, which could already be seen on Amazon Prime Video; the 22nd season of ‘Cuéntame cómo pasó’ (which has just started shooting), the second season of ‘HIT’, ‘Fuerza De Paz’ or ‘Sequía’ (which is currently being shot). On the other hand, he has also detailed the future of projects such as ‘Democracia’ and ‘Los hombres’: “their developments are finished and we are seeing their viability”.
“… everything is. Like whether you get renewed or not. Even (I think it’s possible) that they tell you they don’t want you anymore. But that an official voice of the house for which you have left your skin and you have defended to death consider you as a closet background, escapes my understanding, “he laments in the third tweet.