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You deny yourself. You deny being sick; you deny your tears; you deny your feelings. You appear strong and insensitive to the world, when inside you don’t even know what you feel. But you do know that it hurts.
You want to vomit again. To throw it all out. Not the food, but the feelings. You promise yourself again not to cry, but you know you will. Love starts to rot inside you, that’s why you feel nauseous.
You don’t want anyone to see you weak, so you go where no one can see you. You walk, walk through the cold field vulnerable as you’ve never been before. Your nose is red, your hands are cold… and your heart is broken.

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It is a book of which our dear friend and clown, Virginia Imaz, has said that it is an invitation to walk the path of the red nose, full of love, respect. A magnificent book of great didactic usefulness.
However, Alex clarifies that someone does not become a clown by putting on a red nose. Being a clown requires creativity, a particular vision of the world and above all a great scenic honesty.
Of course, it is a suggestive comment that encourages us to start this fun journey, because on both paths incredible discoveries await us, which begin with the desire to make us laugh and lead us to great discoveries about who we are, about the influence that thoughts have on our emotions, actions and reactions, about how by cultivating a sense of humor we can transform our realization and be freer.
I agree with her answer. Yes, we all have a clown identity. Everyone with a little help can experience the clown that dwells within, the self that is simply that fun and funny, play-loving self.

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Ketamine hydrochloride is a fast-acting anesthetic used with both humans (as a sedative in minor operations) and animals (as a tranquilizer). At high doses, it causes intoxication and hallucinations similar to LSD.
Ketamine can be snorted, swallowed, smoked or injected in its various forms. Its users take it along with other drugs, such as ecstasy (known as kitty flipping) or cocaine, or it is spread inside marijuana cigars.
Its users may have delusions, hallucinations or lose their sense of time and reality. A ketamine (or K-hole) trip, consequent to the consumption of this drug, can last up to two hours. Users may become nauseated or vomit, as well as develop problems with thinking or memory.

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Nariz Roja in Guadalajara says that “Love can do anything” until overcoming cancer, because the kind side of this situation is to create ways to help patients and families living with this disease.
“The advantage of Nariz Roja is that if you want to help we have a very wide range” says Alejandro Barbosa when he explains the ways in which you can help this association, adding that for now the priority is the construction of the school which they hope to have ready for this August, so economic resources and / or materials would be very helpful.