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Universal Pictures pretendía comenzar la producción de una cuarta película de Parque Jurásico en 2004 para un estreno a mediados de 2005, pero se encontraba en el infierno del desarrollo mientras el guión sufría varias revisiones. Tras una sugerencia del productor ejecutivo Steven Spielberg, los guionistas Jaffa y Silver exploraron la idea de un parque de dinosaurios funcional. Una vez que Trevorrow fue contratado como director en 2013, siguió la misma idea mientras desarrollaba un nuevo guión con Connolly. El rodaje duró de abril a agosto de 2014 en Luisiana y Hawái. Los dinosaurios fueron creados por Industrial Light & Magic con CGI y por Legacy Effects con animatronics de tamaño real. La producción finalizó en mayo de 2015[4].

Jurassic World se estrenó en Estados Unidos el 12 de junio de 2015. La película recibió críticas generalmente positivas de los críticos y recaudó 1.600 millones de dólares en taquilla, alcanzando el tercer puesto entre las películas más taquilleras de todos los tiempos. También fue la segunda película más taquillera de 2015 y la más taquillera de la franquicia. Se han estrenado dos secuelas: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) y la próxima Jurassic World: Dominion (2022).

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In a vast natural park that perfectly recreates the Mesozoic Era (characterized by the hegemony of dinosaurs), conceived as a great tourist attraction for the delight of visitors, what could go wrong?

American filmmaker Steven Spielberg was in charge of showing the world that the possibility of recreating various dinosaurs through genetic engineering can be a tempting, but considerably chaotic, idea.

They say that second parts were never good, but in this case the success was also resounding, in fact «The Lost World: Jurassic Park» was the first film to be released in more than 4,000 theaters.

On this island two groups of characters are divided, those who capture the dinosaurs cruelly and those who study them respectfully, the disagreements between the two are the necessary trigger for the chaos and adventure to begin.

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SYNOPSIS: Also known as Jurassic Park or Jurassic Park 4 , directed by Steven Spielberg , Laura Dern again stars as Dr. Ellie Sttler , now her nightmare come back when these prehistoric creatures return but with intelligence and more developed skills of these species such as tyrannosaurus and velociraptors . She will be together with new group of explorers and mercenaries in the jungle , they will have to face these dangerous creatures that are in America , unleashed everywhere will have to stop these animals , a substance can do it but it brings negative consequences to humans , but the worst is yet to come when the beasts get sick and is transmitted to humans .

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As players we will have to overcome several thematic scenarios throughout the geography of the United States, solving problems such as an increase in poaching in natural parks -a group of hunters has locked up several Carnotaurus in a bad way and these have eaten their captors- to a series of dangerous migration patterns of Pteranodon flocks that are interfering with the air routes of the main airlines of the country. They are levels that help, as a tutorial, to understand the most basic mechanics of capturing and conditioning animals, as well as the basics of management. In the first level, set in the Arizona desert, we will learn how to capture free-roaming saurians, condition them in their enclosures and take the best care of them. In the blink of an eye we will be moving groups of Stegosaurus with different helicopters across the plains or opening lagoons for our Baryonyx to devour their daily ration of fish.