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WhatsApp statuses allow you to share images, videos and animated GIF files, with the peculiarity that the content will have an expiration date of 24h from its publication. Therefore, no photo, video or animation that you launch will be saved, nor will it appear in a timeline of your profile, as happens in Instagram. These status updates will be visible to the contacts in your cell phone’s address book.
At this point, you will see a screen like the one in the image below, where you can retouch the image, crop it, insert text and insert emoticons. When you click on the «Send» arrow icon, if it is the first time you do it, a warning will appear warning you that the content can be seen by all the contacts in your address book. Here it is recommended that you click on «change privacy settings» before sending the content, to define who you want to see it.
Now under «privacy settings» select who will be able to see your new statuses from that moment on, a parameter that will not affect the statuses you have previously sent. You have three options:

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The great masters are original because they stand out above the average; but no one creates from nothing. An image, in that sense beautiful, arises: knowledge is a great chain where the contributions of each one vary.
Here we leave you beautiful original phrases on various topics: love, intelligence, friends, sadness, life itself and much more. So you can have a good time and share everything you like.
Whatever you are, always try to be one of the good ones. Life always guides the beings, puts everyone in their place and dictates the truth. If there is a deity, he will take care of that, otherwise we will trust in the best of the human order.
Difficulties test us and determine our maturity. We have left behind us the time when there was no time between desire and its realization. And you, dear reader, will always earn your bread by the sweat of your brow.

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WhatsApp also allows us to describe our status and, although most users only use it to inform where they are or availability, there are also many others who use this option to make people smile, think or provide information about their person in a very special way.
With WhatsApp we can change our status often, depending on your mood or depending on what you want to say that day. To do this, we go to → Settings → Status → click on the pencil and enter the WhatsApp phrase that most represents us at that precise moment.
If you do not know what to write as a status, take a look at all the cute whatsapp phrases that we have compiled for you, you will surely find the one that suits you best. In a few seconds, you can have your personalized message as status.
Among the statuses you find below, there are also images with writing. Obviously, you can copy and use these phrases as you prefer. As a status, as a WhatsApp message or SMS, or on other social networks. Just select the text or image with phrase, copy and paste.

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The truth is that it is somewhat frustrating not to be able to get these contents in a direct way in the WhatsApp application. But this has a certain logic: the states are videos or images that people want to share in a timely manner and without idea that they have a long journey in time. But the reality is that sometimes there are options that are most striking, and you do not need to contact the person who has published it to get the WhatsApp file in question.
Well, it is much simpler than you might think to do this, and it is even possible to get it without having to run a specific application for this. Basically, what you have to do is access the hidden folder in which the contents of the statuses are stored. That yes, there is a condition that must be taken into account: both images and videos are there for a period of 24 hours since they were published, since this is the time of life that has in WhatsApp.
Now look for an option that is Show hidden files. That done, you need to access the WhatsApp folder and then the one called Media. Simply now you have to access the one named .Statuses. Next, you simply have to choose the images and videos you are interested in and compile them in the usual way to another place to save them. It’s as simple as that.