How to remove a person from facebook forever

What happens to their posts and storiesThe main use of unfollowing someone is to prevent their posts from appearing in your newsfeed. So when you unfollow someone, you won’t see their new posts and stories in your feed. However, if you open their profile, you will be able to see both new and old posts and stories, depending on the privacy settings of the posts. Basically, instead of automatically appearing in your feed, you have to check posts and stories if you want to do it manually.
Can unfollowed friends see my posts and storiesYes. As explained above, following is a one-way journey. It does not change anything on your end. Your posts and stories will still appear in their newsfeed if they are friends. In case you want to prevent your posts from appearing in their feed, you should restrict them.
Can you still post on the timelineYes, similar to comments and likes, they can post on each other’s timelines if they are friends. Again, it depends on individual privacy settings for posting on the wall.

If i follow someone on facebook again, they will find out.

This is one of the functions that has been available for some time, but not everyone knows about it. With it you can remain friends with that person on the social network, but you will not have to go back to see anything that is published on your wall.
The button you have to click on is the Following button, and when you do so, three options will appear. The first one is to display the messages of that friend before the others, the second one is the default so that they are displayed normally, and there is a third option so that you do not see any more of his messages.
By clicking on it, the icon will change from Following to just Follow, which means that you are still their friend but their messages will no longer appear on your wall. If you regret it later, you can go back to their profile at any time and follow them again, and even give more priority to their messages.

How to unfollow on facebook

You have several options: stop following that person forever, hide him temporarily, hide the post or mute him in Messenger if he writes to you regularly and you don’t want to receive notifications of his chats.
You can understand it more clearly in the following example, in the screenshot. It will give you option to click that person for 30 days or page. Or, stop following that person or hide everything about that page’s posts. Choose «Hide all from Page» and you will stop seeing posts from this page forever.
By deactivating the account will have an impact on certain points that we tell you below and of which you have to be informed, remembering that it is not a deletion, but simply that we have temporarily closed the account.

Why can’t i unfollow a page on facebook?

If we take into account that more than 90% of recruiters will review your profiles on social networks if you are a candidate for a position, it is very important that this footprint that you have left on your presence within the social network, does not harm you.
If you think that in your near past you have become a Fan of a page that can harm you, or that simply does not interest you anymore; instead of reviewing your entire history, I am going to leave you a very simple tutorial so you can do it in a very easy way.