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José Pablo Feinmann unfolds the proposals of the great thinkers of all times and presents their essential writings to think about the history of the world and the present from a philosophical framework. A didactic and open approach, from the particular viewpoint of this writer, philosopher and scriptwriter.

Philosophy and Human Rights Chapter 1: God and human rights 1.1 What are human rights? 1.2 The universal declaration 1.3 The Middle Ages and the pastoral power 1.4 The promise of the kingdom of heaven.

Chapter 7: Intellectuals and power – 1:19:00 7.1 The discourse of the rectorate 7.2 The will to power: expanding in order to live 7.3 Is dissent possible in a regime of terror? 7.4 Man as a suffering beingCreated by

Chapter 9: Social revolutions in the 20th century – Minute 0:27:00 9.1 The French revolution and terror 9.2 Revolution and authority 9.3 Proletariat, class consciousness and vanguard 9.4 The dictatorship of the one.

Chapter 11: State Terrorism in Argentina 11.1 The economic project 11.2 The theory of the two demons 11.3 The indifferent and the timid 11.4 State and justice: crimes against humanity

Philosophy here and now ch 11 12 13 temp 2

I bring you for all those restless spirits one of the best introductory courses to philosophy. Always from the hand of the masterful Jose Pablo Feinmann, teacher, writer, essayist, film scriptwriter and, obviously, philosopher. Already from the first program there is a tremendous effect in his words when he describes the daily life of any person, about what has happened to him throughout his day and he gets home, has dinner and goes to sleep, and concludes that nothing happened to that person during his day. This terrible statement is the description of the life of today’s human being immersed in this capitalist and liberal system. This current man does not belong to himself as long as he dilutes his subjectivity in the daily masturbation of the television show, of the consumption of novelty, of the peaceful acceptance of the injustices of the world, etc.

Another statement by Feinmann that is also shocking is the one that says that if one starts to think one has to be prepared to accept that one is totally alone. I want to believe that the dissemination of programs such as this one can ensure that loneliness is not the condition of those who embark on the path of thought. That we can be a few, that this generation of young people, that our generation can change or begin to change the world.

Philosophy here and now season 2

Why a philosophy course? The human being and the questions of philosophy: man as a finite being who knows he is dying and yet continues to live and think about his situation in the world. Why «Philosophy, here and now», situated thought. The power of the media and the colonization of subjectivity. René Descartes and the discourse of method: methodical doubt. What do we do with what they made of us, conditioning and responsibility: we are what we choose to be.

2.1 Subjected subjects?2.2 If history is in the hands of God, what do men do?2.3 In what does Descartes’ break with medieval theological thought consist?2.4 Descartes, a hero of thought?

Philosophy and the finite condition of man; autonomous thought and the interpreted state; the Middle Ages and theology: history in the hands of God, pastoral power and the Inquisition; Christopher Columbus and René Descartes: the discovery of America, the conformation of a world system and the emergence of capitalist subjectivity; the man of the bourgeoisie: now he occupies centrality and begins to make history.

1:45:17philosophy here and now – ch 1, 2, 3 and 4 – temp 1tijobrae2youtube – 17 jul 2012

The series brings one of the most outstanding casts ever seen: Tim Robbins, Holly Hunter, Jerrika Hinton, Daniel Zovatto, Raymond Lee, Peter Macdissi, in the roles of the characters:Greg, Audrey Bayer-Boatwright, Ashley, Ramon, Duc, Dr. Farid Shokrani (respectively).

The series is available on platforms: HBO. It is currently being discussed that they could say the premiere date of the second season in the coming weeks. So, we are going to recommend you to keep an eye on the news, because we will update you as soon as we know. I remind you that we also have our calendar to keep up to date with the series premieres.

Salute HBO addicts, I am eternally grateful for keeping me informed, I am a reader now with this confinement a lot. Is the new season of the series going to be released soon? Aqui and now has renewed for a new season? Will Aqui and now be available on its different HBO platforms? Without further ado I say goodbye and greetings.