It was not an easy decision, mainly because the court was deeply divided. After a long deliberation among the magistrates, it was concluded that the facts for which the U.S. authorities were demanding the Venezuelan suspect did have sufficient elements to be extradited to the United States.
Hours and days passed, and the investigators were convinced that the suspect had left the country with a false passport, since all the original documentation was in the courts. It was not a remote idea because in 2017, when he was arrested, Carvajal was carrying a false passport.
In September he was released after the Audiencia Nacional courtroom rejected the extradition request, a decision that, as mentioned above, was overturned by an appeal from the prosecution.
The United States had been on Hugo Carvajal’s trail for much longer. In 2011 he was convicted of drug trafficking after collecting several documents showing that «El Pollo» was part of the Clan of the Suns, a cartel that also included the late Hugo Chavez and other high-ranking Caracas officials.

capo narco

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because no one wants to be extradited to the u.s.

The deal was not simple. They would turn themselves in to the US authorities, but in exchange for exemption from the extradition process, direct contact with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and protection for their family members.
«If there was one thing that was clear to the two brothers, it was that turning themselves in or being captured by the authorities in Honduras was not a safe option, and faced with the pressure and fear of being killed by their rivals, they both decided to turn themselves in,» explained a counterintelligence agent of the Honduran Armed Forces.
The Rivera Maradiagas hired a lawyer in Miami, Florida, who was the one who contacted the DEA agents and initiated the approach. After several coordinations and after reaching agreements, a date was set for their handover.
The trip along the dirt road lasted more than an hour. During the whole trip, the strong man of the drug trade in the Atlantic was serene and very quiet, according to close collaborators.
After his arrival in France, Javier boarded a speedboat that took him to an islet very close to Swan Island, where he was awaited by a U.S. boat that took him to Miami, Florida.

u.s. jail

Our interlocutor is waiting for us at the door of his home. He watches as we approach with our car. With a quick glance he looks left and right. Nothing seems to bother him. It is then that he greets us with a certain effusiveness, although he does not fully trust the journalists and invites us to enter his house.
In the trial of the EDOA case, (Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Team) held in 2015 in the Provincial Court of Malaga, where the head of the Unit, Lieutenant Valentin, other agents and people linked to drug trafficking were tried, he received constant threats. «You are a dead man walking. That was the phrase they used to repeat the most from the dock,» he recalls with some anguish. Nevertheless, he was not deterred. He appeared at the trial with the conviction that he had done the right thing.
«After his release from prison, the young Moroccan had set up a ‘task force’ with a sub-inspector from the UDYCO (Drugs and Organized Crime Unit), a retired civilian traffic warden and an Englishman. They all played their roles to perfection. The Moor played the Moor, he had the sample. The Englishman, as a possible buyer. The civil guard and the policeman were the assault group. They arrived with pirulos (police lights) and broke in wherever it was necessary to take the money or the drugs. That afternoon he came to see me to propose an operation».