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Songs or musical pieces subject to Creative Commons personal or private use licenses are free of charge, but have certain obligations associated with them. The most common is the assignment of the author.
To access this platform, just log in to your YouTube account and go to your YouTube Studio. There, in the left side panel, look for the Other Functions option and choose Audio Library.
In addition, each of these boxes has an audio player, so you can listen to a sample of the song before downloading it. Before doing so. The page shows you in detail which projects you can use it for and which you can’t use it for.
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Each of the entries has a title and is categorized within a genre, mood and tempo. You have the possibility to listen to the pieces online and, when you find what you are looking for, you can download the song in MP3 format to use it in your video.

Download free soft music

One of the strong points of ccMixter is that you don’t even have to create a user account to download the songs. At the top right there is a search engine where you can enter a specific term.
As its name suggests, YouTube Audio Library is a library where we will find songs and sound effects that we can include without problem in our videos. Hundreds of tracks that can be filtered by genre, duration, etc.
NoiseTrade is a platform that seeks to promote independent artists. By providing your email address you will receive emails with songs that you can freely use in your projects.
The name of this site also makes it quite clear. On Free Stock Music we have access to hundreds of free audio tracks in MP3, WAV and AIFF. You don’t need to assign the rights but to download the songs you need to create a free account.

Download music to relax your mind and stop thinking.

Although many of these websites are mostly free, keep in mind that some of them require registration to listen to the songs or a free trial period to download them to your computer and use them for any type of content. If you regularly use these pages or you are dedicated to advertising you may be compensated to unlock some premium option and pay a monthly subscription to access all kinds of music content or unlimited songs in exchange for a few euros. If you are a professional you will have more options unlocked than if you go for the free version.
Look for pages that allow you to listen to the piece of music you need first and not directly download it. Most of them allow you to listen to it from the web before deciding whether to download it or not. This is important to see if it fits with what you want before we go downloading files without rhyme or reason on our computer and fill our storage with content that we do not want to use for anything.

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There are a lot of sites to watch Venom 2 movies online for free, but this kind of sites open and close continuously due to copyright. For this reason, it is becoming more and more difficult to watch free movies on the Internet.
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