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Download videos from the internet is the most popular video portal and the third most visited website in the world. Its success is due, among other things, to its convenience and ease of use, but it has limitations to download free Youtube mp4 videos to cell phone online. Not all videos can be saved using the usual methods.
Once the links are ready, you will get a list of quality options from which you can choose to save the video you want. Generally, you can select the resolution and file format and the most popular ones are .mp4 and WebM formats.
By default, the video will be saved in the «Download» folder, where each browser saves any file you need to save to your device. In case you can’t find the file, go to your browser’s download history and find where the file is saved.

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In this list we are going to include several types of sites from those that offer all their songs for free to those that have a free option for their mainly paid model, to authors who give away their songs in exchange for attribution. What we will not include are fully paid services, even if they include a free trial period.
BeatPick is a portal where you have a wide selection of music tracks to choose from. When you find one you like, you can license it at no cost for the use you want to give it. They claim that their selection of tracks has been hand-curated, as they only accept 10% of the 200 tracks they receive per month from artists.
What you will not be able to do is use it in audiobooks, podcasts, derivative song production or music remixes. For that you will have to license each track separately with paid licenses. But for online videos you can download them for free.
The FMA search engine is a real treat, as it allows you to search for any term and then filter the results. Among the filters, you can choose the different CC licenses, if you want them to be instrumental tracks, or different music genres. You can also choose how long you want the songs to appear in the results.


Applications that are installed on Microsoft’s operating system, extensions as browser plug-ins and web pages are the existing options on the market to obtain videos from the most popular audiovisual platform.
This program is capable of downloading videos up to 8K resolution, and supports both individual videos and playlists. It can download videos in the background, and allows us to subscribe to lists so that when there are new videos, it automatically downloads them to our PC. The program is totally intuitive, and with just a couple of clicks we can have the videos on our PC.
Before that we have been able to choose the format, MP3 to download only the audio or MP4 for the complete video.    It also has the «Auto Detect» mode that will do is that every time we copy a URL of a video from the aforementioned services, the program will activate itself and will offer us the possibility to download it.
This program also has an integrated player thanks to which we will be able to play the video as soon as it finishes downloading. In addition, we can choose where we want to save the video to have it at hand and find it easily. And, at the end of the download, we can create playlists with which we can play all the videos at once in any player.

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Telegram bots are third-party applications within the messaging application itself. They are not installed but «invoked» by searching for them in the app itself. Once you have them, you can send them certain messages with instructions to do one thing or another. It will depend on the bot you install to fulfill one function or another, from receiving notifications when a new chapter is released to searching for song lyrics, requesting a specific GIF of something or programming alerts. Each one has instructions or a «command» that serves to give it orders or to use it, to activate it, etc.
All bots are part of Telegram and are installed «inside» Telegram so you will need to use the messaging service on your cell phone or on your computer in its desktop version. Once you have Telegram linked to your cell phone you can download and install these bots. You don’t need to have just one but you can have several Telegram bots.
Among these Telegram bots we find one that allows you to download YouTube videos on Telegram without installing anything else on your cell phone, no unreliable websites with ads or dubious applications. It is quite simple and the procedure is similar in all of them: search for the bot, paste a YouTube link, wait a while and you will download the file you need.