Compress video without losing quality

Fastreel is a quite popular and easy-to-use online video converter, which has a quite good website and can be used completely free of charge. In addition to compressing videos, in Fastreel you can make slideshows, trim or edit videos, but the main function that is fully and easily done is to compress a video online with Fastreel.
WhatsApp has a great history as an application for sending messages, images, audios or videos, but obviously there is always room for improvement. Today, the applications we have presented in this article can help all those who try to send videos in different formats.
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Compress 4gb video file

There are thousands of compressors, some better than others, some free and others that are paid. Let’s start by showing you 3 ideal programs and applications to compress a video for Whatsapp. We will show you a method for Android, IOS and for PC, so that you can choose the program or application that best suits you. And the most important thing, is that these compressors will be totally free. So let’s get started.
This is the first free application of this style for iOS operating system as previously all of them had been paid. You can easily get it in the App Store with the following logo, you will locate it by its good ratings. With this you are saving thousands of Megabytes to your iPhone, plus it is optimized for iPhone 6 and higher versions.
In addition to that it has separate settings for film and audio encoding, and despite being in English, it is the easiest to use of all. And as we mentioned at the beginning, it is totally free.

Compress mp4 video to smaller size online free

The «Vatsap» setting does not allow sending a large-volume movie with it. Therefore, if a user of the application tries to download a file that exceeds the norm, he will face the fact that the messenger cuts the video and transfers only a part of it to the recipient.
If you need to save the original video parameters, sending the entire file using the Votsap messenger will fail. You can bypass the ban on sending attachments exceeding 128 MB in volume by using cloud services or video storage.
The website is a resource where several converters are collected. Each of them allows you to convert the original video file into any of the popular formats, for example, M4, FLV, etc….
Downloading of the original clip is performed according to the scheme described in the previous section. In addition to the functions available in the Convert Video Online service, this site allows you to crop unnecessary pixels and change:

Best video compressor

Although it is interesting to know which are the best software to compress videos, it is also interesting to know which is the most suitable program according to your needs or resources. For this reason, we give you some tips to help you make the best decision.
Price is one of the factors we look at the most when choosing a program, and in this case it could not be less. It is important to know that there is a great variety of free programs that offer good quality.
It is crucial to know the compatibility with your operating system, which can be Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS or other. Most of these programs are designed to work on certain OS and specific versions, so be sure to check that it works on the device on which you are going to use it.
It is advisable to preserve the quality of the videos to the maximum so you can save them on your computer, hard drive, pendrive or device without having to give up the maximum enjoyment in their playback.