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1 – SmokeJimmy struggles to cope with Chuck’s tragic death. Mike reflects on his role at Madrigal. Howard makes a surprising confession.Airing: August 6, 2018Written by Peter Gould and directed by Minkie Spiro.
2 – BreatheJimmy searches for a new job; Gus navigates the fallout from Hector’s breakdown; Kim struggles to support Jimmy after Chuck’s death.Airing: August 13, 2018Written by Thomas Schnauz and directed by Michelle MacLaren.
3 – Something BeautifulJimmy sets a risky plan in motion; As alliances shift, Nacho finds himself in the crosshairs; Kim contemplates her future.Airing: August 20, 2018Written by Gordon Smith and directed by Daniel Sackheim.
4 – TalkA restless Jimmy embarks on a new project while Mike burns bridges; Kim pursues her happiness; Nacho tries to survive a gang war.Airing: August 27, 2018Written by Heather Marion and directed by John Shiban.
5 – Quite a RideJimmy identifies a new market for his talents; Mike reviews a potential partnership; Kim pushes through a tough negotiation.Airing: September 3, 2018Written by Ann Cherkis and directed by Michael Morris.

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La cuarta temporada de la serie dramática de televisión estadounidense Better Call Saul se estrenó el 6 de agosto de 2018 y concluyó el 8 de octubre de 2018[1]. La cuarta temporada consta de 10 episodios y se emitió los lunes a las 21:00 (hora del este) en Estados Unidos en AMC. Precuela spin-off de Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul fue creada por Vince Gilligan y Peter Gould, quienes también trabajaron en Breaking Bad[1].
La primera y la segunda temporada se desarrollaron principalmente en 2002, y la tercera temporada avanzó el argumento hasta 2003. La cuarta temporada también se desarrolla principalmente en 2003, y los últimos cuatro episodios tienen lugar en 2004 tras un salto temporal en el séptimo episodio. En la cuarta temporada, Jimmy y Kim luchan por superar la muerte de Chuck. Howard cree que es responsable de la muerte de Chuck, y sufre con la depresión y la desvinculación del trabajo. Mike comienza a realizar inspecciones de seguridad en Madrigal, sin tener en cuenta que su contrato de consultoría debía ser sólo una transacción en papel. Gus sospecha de Nacho tras el ataque de Héctor. Nacho se convierte en un topo para Gus dentro de la organización de Salamanca. Gus contrata a un ingeniero y a un equipo de construcción para iniciar la construcción del «superlaboratorio» de metanfetamina bajo la lavandería industrial. Lalo Salamanca llega para comenzar a dirigir el negocio de drogas de la familia.

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The fourth season of the American drama television series Better Call Saul premiered on August 6, 2018 and concluded on October 8, 2018.[1] The ten-episode season aired on Monday nights in the United States on AMC. The series is a spin-off and prequel to Breaking Bad and was created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, both of whom had also worked on Breaking Bad.[1] The series is a spin-off and prequel to Breaking Bad.
The death of Jimmy’s brother Chuck serves as the catalyst for his later transformation into Saul Goodman, and Jimmy’s entry into the criminal world tests his relationship with Kim and his future as a lawyer. Chuck’s death also deeply affects Kim and Howard. Mike becomes a security consultant hired for Madrigal. Nacho’s attempted murder of Hector Salamanca causes Hector’s stroke and disability, and affects the operations of Don Eladio’s drug cartel and Gus Fring’s plot to take it over.[2] The murder of Hector Salamanca by Nacho causes Hector’s stroke and disability, and affects the operations of Don Eladio’s drug cartel and Gus Fring’s plot to take it over.[2

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But the real show-stopper for Better Call Saul season 4 is the fact that Jimmy McGill has finally made it official. Professionally, he now goes by the name Saul Goodman. Also, it could be Saul Goodman period. In this season 4 finale, «Winner,» takes stock of Jimmy McGill’s soul and doesn’t find much of Jimmy McGill.
Jimmy walks up to the bar and starts reading the letter, but then something amazing happens! Jimmy departs from the script. He admits it was a half-baked trick to remind the board of his infinitely more capable brother. It’s time for him to come clean about his complicated relationship with Chuck, which is larger than life.
It’s a remarkable speech and, apparently, the emotional catharsis we’ve been waiting for all season. It makes some board members cry. It makes Kim cry. Jimmy concludes perfectly. «If you decide I’m going to become a lawyer, I will do everything I can to be worthy of the McGill name.», He said.
A few hours later, Jimmy will officially remove the McGill name. And he will begin his life under the name Saul Goodman. Peter Gould basically told us it will happen. If not this season, soon. Jimmy was closer to Saul than ever. It’s still shocking that he’s actually here.