Apps to download music on pc

This is also an App to download free MP3 music fast and safe that you can install on your Android phone. Just enter the URL of the music video from YouTube and you can save it as MP3 on your phone.

The web mp3converting works to convert video to audio, so that you can record videos in MP3, Android Audio, iPhone Audio, etc. formats.  It provides a remarkably professional service, which is 100% free and without any installation. It allows you to convert videos to MP4, AVI, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MOV, etc., and the quality of the converted audio is freely optional.

App to download free music on android

While at the beginning I mentioned that lets us download videos, which can be in different resolutions, the application has also been developed so that we can download videos and convert them into MP3 files, which makes it one of the most complete applications of the moment.

This application with support for several video service stations only requires installation and the selection of the portal you want to use to download the desired content. Imagine how many live versions you could have of the song of the moment with the publications of your favorite artist.

Once you have the page you are going to use in the browser, once the audiovisual material of your preference is played, look at the bottom of the screen and click on the download button.

Select the format you want to save the file, either audio or video. With InsTube it is possible to keep the video the way it was originally uploaded, so having the same HD look you enjoy so much is totally within reach -of course, with the space to occupy that implies-.

Application to download music from youtube to pc

If you want to see how well it works, how to download and install it, you just have to watch the video I left at the beginning of this post. An application that although the recommendations that we get on the home screen are Chinese artists and therefore are in Chinese, its user interface is in English and is very, very simple and intuitive to use.

To avoid that our device is quickly filled with videos that we probably do not intend to see again, we can directly download the audio in MP3 format, for this, by clicking on the download button, we must press the option Choose a resolution and select MP3.

This application is not available, for obvious reasons, in the Play Store, so we must previously activate the installation of applications from unknown sources. Like most apps that are not available on the Play Store, Snaptube displays a series of banners so that the developer can maintain the application through advertising.

Applications to download free music on iphone

Among its pecularities, some songs include lyrics. Also tags to filter by musical styles that you like. And if you really like a song or album, share it online with friends and acquaintances on social networks.

Basically you will find independent, non-commercial artists. A good opportunity to find new sounds and new names in your favorite genres: Blues, electronic, instrumental, jazz, rock….

In addition to listening to and downloading the songs, you can search by mood, main instrument, composer, etc. And if you want to play the available pieces, you will find a section dedicated to sheet music. Perfect for getting started, practicing and playing classical scores and some more recent ones.