Netflix fariña

The advantage, without a doubt, is that if you opt for one of the One Unlimited tariffs you can get the Seriefans Pack free for 2 months or the Serieslovers Pack for 10€/month, with a total that reaches 90% of the series in our country! Knowing that this Pack costs 16€/month without promotions and that it includes a lot of content (of the most complete and varied in the market), Vodafone’s offer is the most complete at present in terms of content.
Another offer that also looks good is Yoigo’s Fibra 100MB and SinFín 8GB+TV tariff with 8GB, unlimited calls, 100 Mbps and a TV package that includes only Netflix for 13.99€ per month.
So to summarize mobile+fixed+home internet+Netflix has a total of 67,99€ per month. This tariff is fine if you only want Netflix, but Vodafone’s offers you much more for only 5€ more per month.
For computers you have two options, one from the application that allows you to download content or from the Netflix website that you can watch it in streaming with the same playback system as from the app.

Antena 3 presunto culpable

1:00:57Temporada 1 – Capítulo 7: 198718/04/2018 3,0 53 xSito prepares his next download with his people. They are furious about the methods used by Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera (SVA) and want to counterattack. Sito shuts them up, if they start killing law enforcement agents all eyes will turn to Galicia and goodbye business. But not everyone will understand.
Sgt. Castro interrogates Sito, he knows he is not … 1:06:43Temporada 1 – Capítulo 5: 198504/04/2018 3,7 201 xIt’s New Year’s Eve and the capos take the grapes, some in Portugal, Sito in Carabanchel. Esther and Pilar finish talking on the phone, they continue making downloads and the business works.
In Carabanchel, Sito receives the… 1:08:39Season 1 – Chapter 4: 198421/03/2018 2,0 136 xOchoa and Rodriguez Orejuela, two capos of the Medellin cartel, decide to pack their bags and leave Colombia for a season after Pablo Escobar orders the assassination of the Colombian Minister of Justice.
Sito attends a match of the Club Juventud Cambados. The entire stadium applauds him, he has paid for the renovation of the field and… 1:09:04Season 1 – Chapter 3: 198314/03/2018 4.5 113 xThe cocaine delivery has gone well and Roque is back. But despite the success, Roque and Oli decide to leave the drug trade. Sito decides to abide by their will – is this the end of ROS?

Antena 3 la casa de papel

During its broadcast, in its ten episodes, the series scored 16.3% and 2,581,000 viewers on average. An audience to which must be added the good performance it had in deferred, since it accumulated more than 407,000 viewers per episode broadcast.
However, the reality is that the series was losing audience throughout its broadcasting until it ended with 2 million viewers and a 13.3% share. The series could continue with new episodes if any network would like to bet on it. For the moment, there is no news about it, although its producers do not rule out this possibility.

Farina wikipedia

The controversy arose when José Alfredo Bea Gondar, former mayor of O Grove, got the judge Alejandra Pontana to order the precautionary seizure of the book because his name appears linked to drug trafficking. Carretero responded by pointing out that he wrote about «judicially proven facts» but the former mayor responds that the details are not correct. «I was convicted of money laundering, but I had nothing to do with drug trafficking,» he told ‘Más vale tarde’ and said that «everything that Nacho Carretero says in this book is false.»