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Have you had this problem before? You need to update your network card drivers to make your network available, but you don’t have a network to update the driver? Don’t worry, because Driver Booster 8 added a new tool “Offline Driver Update”, which can help you. It offers an easy solution to help you download the needed drivers in advance, and when you need to update them, Driver Booster can update the drivers without internet connection.
Did you know that you can increase the FPS of your game by simply updating the driver of your graphics cards? That’s because devices like graphics cards, sound cards and network adapters need the right drivers not only to ensure they work properly, but also to ensure they work in the best possible way. That’s why you need the latest drivers if you want your PC to perform at its best. Driver Booster 8 updates graphics, sound and network drivers, and many other device drivers such as Bluetooth, display, etc.