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The long and complex process of creation and implementation of the regional television in Aragon is probably one of the most unique of all known. At the same time, its debate generated one of the most tense periods in Aragonese politics in living memory.

Paradoxically, Aragon was one of the first communities to have legislation related to the famous «Third Channel Law» (1983). However, the lack of consensus and the lack of interest at that time meant that the project was put aside.

With the new building not yet inaugurated and the regional television project at a standstill, the Executive urgently needed to make use of the CPA, given the investment made for its construction. In July 1993, the Government of Aragon reached an unprecedented agreement with Antena 3 (directed at that time by Manuel Campo Vidal) whereby the private channel would cede 3 hours a day of its schedule in order to broadcast programs exclusively for Aragon. The agreement included the broadcasting of more than 800 hours of programming (between 14:00 and 15:00 and between 19:30 and 21:30) in exchange for the payment of 1,300 million pesetas by the Aragonese government. However, the lack of control over these broadcasts, as well as the continuous criticism and suspicions of irregularities in the signing of the agreement, led to the precautionary suspension of the agreement by the TSJA and the presentation of a motion of censure against Emilio Eiroa, president of the community at that time.

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Aragón TV renews its afternoon programming from this Monday with the broadcasting of the series ‘Downton Abbey’, the return of ‘Aragón en abierto’, which takes over from ‘Otro punto de vista’, and the extension of the duration of ‘Esta es mi tierra’ after more than two months of alteration due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The information about the crisis will occupy a central place in the program, but ‘Aragón en abierto’ aims to open the focus and, little by little, return to tell simple, close and everyday stories about the Aragonese.

In addition, it will continue to delve into certain topics of interest through the so-called ‘Mesas de Reporteros’ (Reporters’ Tables). «We aspire to tell what happens, and with the audience’s permission, we also aspire to draw a smile on our viewers’ faces. It is not a question of ignoring the reality that shakes us, but of enriching it with daily stories that reflect the powerful hope that we all harbor,» said the director.

In this new stage ‘Aragón en abierto’ will continue to advocate participation and will keep open the whatsapp line 670 006 751 so that viewers can send photos and videos, as well as their audios with comments on the proposed topics.

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