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It’s hard for me to write this corner: just thinking about the dishes at La Máquina makes my mouth water. A classic in Madrid, I don’t think there is a place where you can taste better seafood and fish. Normally full, it is advisable to reserve a table in advance or arrive early. The other alternative is to sit at the bar and wait for a table with a good assortment of razor clams, red prawns, Galician oysters, Padrón peppers, barnacles from Cedeira, and clams in their natural state, and in addition to its extraordinary seafood and fish, La Máquina is famous for its unbeatable Fabada Asturiana.

Yes, a wonderful boyfriend (and with whom I maintain a relationship after many years), took me there to declare his eternal love… which was not ;)… and it was very special and the food, wonderful, I always remember that restaurant, really.

La Máquina offers its diners a carefully selected Asturian quality gastronomy, with the best fish and seafood and typical Asturian dishes. It has a high level of occupancy of its dining rooms and its bar where seafood, fish, roasts, rice dishes and Asturian fabada stand out. It is a place with large tables, ideal for lunches or group dinners.

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La Cantina Restaurant – Grupo La Máquina is a venue that you will find in front of the first restaurant opened by Grupo La Máquina. You will be able to discover a new concept of restaurant that alludes to the informal tradition of the Asturian cider house in a contemporary but at the same time casual environment. La Cantina Restaurant – La Máquina Group is an ideal place to go in group.  Ask for more information without obligation and we will answer you in less than 24 hours.

At La Cantina Restaurant – Grupo La Máquina you can organize a wide variety of events, whether they are social, family, corporate or company events. It is a restaurant concept very appropriate for the young environment,

Its professionalism stands out when it comes to organizing company events, lunches and dinners for your corporation, as well as family events, such as silver or golden weddings, communions, Christmas parties and baptisms.

La Cantina Restaurant – Grupo La Máquina has spaces where to create experiences among friends and family, enjoy good food is the maximum premise, always in a pleasant atmosphere and to feel at home…

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Este restaurante es un restaurante de comida española de alta calidad con un increíble «Jamón Ibérico», tienes que probarlo. El ambiente es casual-chic, es perfecto para comer o cenar y la mayoría de sus clientes son locales así que es una buena señal.

Una antigua mansión de 4 plantas en la esquina del callejón de Puigcerdá es la ubicación de La Maquina el Jorge Juan. Una espectacular reforma que ofrece un espacio elegante y chic, donde predominan los materiales nobles, el hierro forjado y el ladrillo visto. Cuenta con una gran barra elíptica en la planta baja donde se ofrecen raciones, tapas y pinchos para los que prefieren un picoteo rápido o una comida más informal en un ambiente relajado.Fuente:

Siempre hay que reservar mesa tanto para la comida como para la cena, ya que el restaurante se llena con bastante facilidad. Sin embargo, si vas en las horas de menor afluencia de público sin ninguna reserva, es posible que encuentres una mesa o al menos tengas sitio en la barra.

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La Maquina de la Moraleja is another of those restaurants about which it is a crime that we have not yet written an article. We are regular customers, especially in summer, and perhaps because of this and because we are not discovering anything out of the ordinary within the Tejedor Group restaurants is why we have let ourselves go for so long. The restaurant has two fundamental values: Product and Terrace and both totally justify the trip to this area in the north of Madrid.

But we must admit that the place also has its flaws. The interior decoration is very classic and that the restaurant is relatively new. The truth is that it follows the same decorative style as the genuine La Máquina de Sor Angela de la Cruz or Puerta 57 to name two of its most characteristic places. And then the service also has its days. If the restaurant is full they are quite slow and are not equally friendly with all customers. It is true that we have no complaints but there are things that are seen and must be commented on.