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A global history of women’s rights in 3.

“It’s that feeling of getting a work-related text message that demands your attention when you’ve just gotten around to cooking. Or when your boss calls you while you were talking to a friend. Digitalization, which turns our societies and economies upside down, is one of the biggest challenges to workers’ rights today. How we regulate digitalization will determine whether the new jobs will be good jobs, with decent wages and decent conditions. We need to update our regulations in the face of the new realities of the digital age. The job of labor parties and trade unions is to ensure that the technological progress that digitalization brings also brings social progress for the majority. We cannot allow digital tools to be abused or workers’ rights that have been hard fought for to be weakened. Digital workers must enjoy the same rights as offline workers: decent working conditions, clearly stipulated working hours and break times, a fair wage, and definitely the right to disconnect.”

¿eres libre? lucha por tu libertad.

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En la actualidad, es evidente que el envío tarda hasta un par de semanas más de lo habitual. Australia Post está trabajando con las aerolíneas asociadas y otros operadores postales para mover los artículos lo más rápido posible. Sin embargo, debido a la situación cambiante, pueden producirse retrasos en todos los países de destino.

Fight for your right to be happy and don’t be satisfied.

In Bromas y Veras sobre la ciencia jurídica (1884), he demonstrates that the procedures of ancient Roman Law generating the dispossession of housing and patrimony were at the service of the usurious financial-political system of the rich patricians against the poor plebeians.
Precisely, that is why the author moves away from the formal conception of Law, which remains excessively in the external aspect of the laws themselves, studying them only with abstract techniques arising from the offices, from the isolated and solitary “ivory tower” of judges, prosecutors, lawyers and researchers of Law. He descends from what he calls the cold paradise of concepts and proposes for the jurist the task of discovering the true interests hidden in the rules and in their application.
In the Struggle for Law (1872), he tells us that its purpose is peace and the means to achieve it, the historic struggle against injustice that will last as long as the world. Some individuals or entire generations live peace and the enjoyment of their rights. Others, the sacrifice to achieve it. That is why he opposes what he calls the romantic school of Savigny, for whom law evolves naturally, without surprises. Legal institutions do not survive by inertia but by the resistance of the interests under attack, converted into acquired rights of a privileged few.