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273 commentsAgreement between the Government and the PP to renew the Constitutional Court, the Ombudsman and the Court of Auditors145 commentsCiudadanos accuses PSOE and PP of “dividing up the State” and Vox of “governing together “8 comments “We have to meet, there is an opportunity “19 commentsWhy does the PP give in with the Constitutional Court?
4 comments “A look at the past completely presentist and honest would destroy us “2 comments “What apparently prepares the Prosecutor’s Office will be for any layman a condemnation of Juan Carlos I “3 comments “PSOE and PP are the first guarantors of our democracy. They must not succumb to the logic of power””The Russian government’s offensive against the opposition and the independent press is fierce”.

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Rodolfo Villalobos: ‘I’d have to be crazy to make a coaching change at this moment’Keylor Navas hopes to avoid a serious injury with his start against the United States The revealing statistics that show how the United States overwhelmed the ‘Tricolor’Opinion: General Rodolfo VillalobosPlayer by player analysis of Costa Rica’s National Team
Yunior García, the actor who is standing up to the Cuban governmentShooting during protest in Lebanon leaves six dead and several woundedFire in Taiwan building leaves 46 people dead and dozens injured’I thought this was Kabul’, says witness of the attack with bow and arrows in NorwayFamily demands justice in the US after death of black man killed by the policeScience

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The Colombian armed forces present honors for the official visit of President Alejandro Giammattei and his entourage, in which political and economic agreements between both governments will be discussed.
U.S. President Joe Biden will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican on October 29, as part of a tour that will take him to Rome for the G20 summit and to Glasgow (United Kingdom) for the COP26 climate conference in early November, the White House announced on Thursday.
The most frequent cause of the outages is the collapse or fall of elements of the distribution network due to wind, storms, falling trees or even earthquakes on facilities that require maintenance…

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