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When the pandemic began, there was one main objective for all countries in the world: to flatten the infection curve. With the advent of vaccines, the goal is to accelerate the vaccination curve to immunize millions of people in record time: a logistical and medical challenge never before met on a global scale.
The pace of vaccination has advanced at different speeds between autonomous communities, as each can apply different strategies and protocols. For example, the regions with a larger population with priority for vaccination (residences, healthcare and older regions) have received more doses per inhabitant and have been able to vaccinate a larger part of the population. Thus, as of August 31, communities such as the Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Madrid were below the first target of 70% of the population with a complete schedule, while others such as Asturias and Galicia had exceeded it weeks before.
To find out how the process is progressing and how many people are immunized in each region, the following chart shows the details by region. It shows how many people have received at least one dose or the complete vaccine, and the percentage they represent of the total population to be immunized in each region.

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The former Prime Minister publishes a short essay in which he shares the “impressions, emotions and reflections” that the works of his favorite writer have given him, and whose first pages are reproduced below.
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2:50el alfabeto | abc abecedario. cleo & cuquin i familia …cleo y cuquin – canciones infantilesyoutube – 17 oct 2018

RedacciónSan Sebastián de La Gomera 09 September 2021The Galician government signs an agreement with Unicef to support vaccination against coronavirus, polio and measles in three departments of Bolivia.
“All Galicians abroad whose personal, family, social or health situation has worsened in this time of pandemic can apply for social emergency aid from the Secretaría Xeral da Emigración”
To attend to the migrants who arrived in the Canary Islands so that of the 56.4 million directed to emigration in 2020 only 50.6 were spent / The General Directorate headed by Santiago Yerga dedicated 46.9 million to benefits and health care of the community and 3.7 million of the 6.2 planned to aid programs