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1 commentsThe Government tutored the funding debate to avoid internal struggles in the congress4 commentsPSOE, social democrat or sanchista? This is how the party comes out of its congressBlack silence in Puerto Naos, the ghost town under the volcanoLava overflows on the northern flank and is already 200 meters from the sea1 commentsThey believe that there are «more than reasonable doubts» that Plus Ultra met the conditions to be rescued
It is sanchismo, not social democracy1 comments «This Afghan Ministry of Virtue forces to create a political police to monitor the use of language «5 comments «Whoever thinks that a young man today is sold for 400 euros is that he does not have one at home»»The PSOE Congress was pure ritual, the slaughter was already precooked».
The EMU measures the temperature of a new washMacarena Olona triumphs dancing ‘La Macarena’They fish by mistake a huge sunfish off the coast of CeutaA Vox deputy ironizes in Congress: «Are they looking at me? I could denounce them for rape»

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British School of Valencia ha sido incluido en la lista de los 12 mejores colegios internacionales de la Comunidad Valenciana realizada por el diario El Mundo que evalúa 27 aspectos relativos a los criterios de enseñanza y la oferta educativa del centro.
Los aspectos más valorados para que British School of Valencia aparezca en este ranking han sido que el colegio está reconocido tanto por las autoridades educativas británicas como españolas, lo que permite a los alumnos obtener ambas titulaciones (inglés y español), su oferta de idiomas que incluye inglés, francés, alemán y chino, así como los Premios a la Excelencia Académica de BSV para los alumnos de Secundaria y 6º de Primaria que han obtenido los mejores resultados en los exámenes oficiales.

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Soledad Gallego-Díaz, José Yoldi, Alicia Rivera, Gorka Lejarcegui, Juan José Millás, Javier Marías, Rosa Montero, Elvira Lindo, Mario Vargas Llosa, Manuel Vicent, Manuel Rivas, Josep Ramoneda, Ramón LoboISSN
In 2010 the U.S. conglomerate Liberty Acquisition Holdings (which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange), took over PRISA and therefore El País.[18] Also in this period, Bank of America and Deutsche Bank became shareholders of PRISA. This fact contributed to a change in the political alignment of El País.
On May 12, 2018, El País announced the creation of the gender correspondent’s office, whose head will be Pilar Álvarez. The objective will be to «plan and improve coverage… on issues related to equality and women.»[37] The new office will also be in charge of the gender correspondent’s office.
At its foundation, it was defined as an independent newspaper, of quality, with a European vocation and defender of pluralist democracy, being considered a reference for both the left and the center-left. El País has shown an editorial line close to the PSOE, with social-democratic tendencies.[49] Since its acquisition by the PRISA Group, it has undergone ideological changes, shifting from socialist positions to an editorial line closer to the center or center-right.[citation needed].

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In this opportunity, the digital magazine recounts the investigations for the case called «Fletes Mortales», in which experts of the National Directorate of Vehicle Investigations disarticulated the criminal group called «Brayan El Culón».
This time the journalist Carlos Roque recalls when in 2019 «a group of young people staged a mobilization towards Plaza Italia in Santiago de Chile». In his view, that «was the beginning of actions that resulted in terrorist episodes in that city»
The head of the national government delegation to the dialogues in Mexico, Jorge Rodríguez, assured that they will go to all multilateral human rights instances to denounce the «crude aggression» against Saab.
Recently, the militants of the French Socialist Party endorsed her candidacy, which Anne Hidalgo wants to focus on «the ecological and digital transition, the commitment against climate change and the fight against inequality».