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an ENDESAL projectSheep grazing under a solar panelan IKEAL projectAction to save the planet has to be todayoffered by TELEFÓNICAPodcast: Sustainable digitalization, the future of the economy
29 commentsCasado tells Ayuso that «it does not touch» now the Congress of the PP of Madrid and asks for internal unity to be able to throw Sanchez out348 commentsEgea responds to Aguirre: «What destroyed the PP of Madrid was corruption «59 commentsAznar’s prediction: «The surrender to the Taliban we will pay dearly».
A woman was arrested for selling fake PCR test certificates that made it easier to travel abroad126 commentsPodemos wants to create a judicial MIR to end the «class bias» in access to the system75 commentsThe four judicial associations ask the parties not to use the debate «for partisan purposes»
43 commentsThe most quoted young mathematician of his age in the world: «We do not live worse than our parents «60 commentsAlbares travels by surprise to Pakistan so that this country facilitates the exit of Afghan collaborators

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10 comments His presence at the meeting with the Generalitat consolidates an extra-parliamentary and harmful way for the State Sánchez gives in and ties himself to ERC at the bilateral table2 commentsThe past is a foreign countryThe electricity bill does not understand demagogy49 commentsCasado divorces the PP
3 commentsImportant actors of the independentism and the PSC nod at the possibility that the table will end up in the conclusions with the document of the Economy Circle in 2018 After the guirigay64 commentsThe right does not understand that its two favorites, Almeida and Ayuso, face each other in an all-out war. While Sánchez dies laughing. Chilicuatricide’ war8 commentsIsabel: from Sol to Moncloa1 commentsCasado ‘feat’ Sánchez8 commentsJoseba Arregi, a man of principles
23 commentsThe humiliations of pleasure7 commentsGarzón returns, the man returns1 commentsPost-America America1 commentsGallego & Rey7 commentsNeither divided, separatism renounces its aims

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Experts debate the benefits that can bring the integration of this value in the business strategy, a decision that both customers and the market itself increasingly demand. offered by BBVAIs the commitment to sustainability really a profitable decision?
3 comments «Important actors of the independentism and the PSC believe that the table will have as conclusions the report of the Círculo de 2018″1 comments «Casado is the politician of this generation disqualified to make the politics of this generation «3 comments «In 2021 and we find a PP ready again to the ceremonial harakiri «2 comments «Castells will lead the university to a greater ignorance, will hide the ingenuity and will persecute the meritocracy»
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Everything is moving too fast. No pandemic has ever been so rampant and of such magnitude. Emerging barely a hundred days ago in a distant, unknown city, a virus has already swept the entire planet, forcing billions of people to shut themselves up in their homes. Something only imaginable in post-apocalyptic fiction…
Everything is moving too fast. No other pandemic has ever been so sudden and of such magnitude. Emerging barely a hundred days ago in a distant unknown city, a virus has already swept the entire planet, and has forced billions of people to lock themselves in their homes. Something only imaginable in post-apocalyptic fictions?
By now, no one is unaware that the pandemic is not just a health crisis. It is what the social sciences call a «total social fact», in the sense that it convulses the whole of social relations and shocks the totality of actors, institutions and values.
What seemed dystopian and typical of science fiction dictatorships has become ‘normal’. People are fined for leaving their homes to stretch their legs, or for walking their dog. We accept that our cell phone monitors us and reports us to the authorities.    And it is being proposed that anyone who goes out on the street without their phone should be sanctioned and punished with imprisonment.